Anger and Fantasy of Putin’s Ukraine Invasion

In 2006, Vladimir Putin ordered Russian intelligence agents to organize pro-Moscow groups in Europe and Central Asia to combat Westernization, which he viewed as aimed against Russia.

NATO and the European Union had expanded into former Warsaw Pact countries as well as ex-Soviet republics along the Baltic Sea. Anti-Russian demonstrations in Ukraine suggested Kiev would follow Eastern Europe into NATO.

Putin wanted to head that off. So, he created a new Kremlin agency called the World Coordination Council of Russian Compatriots to recruit and oversee ethnic Russians and pro-Kremlin allies abroad to promote Russian interests. Nurturing allies in Ukraine was a special focus.

Daniel Williams

Published by Daniel Williams

I am a former correspondent who, for more than 30 years, did time in China, Southeast Asia, Central America, Mexico, the Middle East, Europe and Africa and covered wars that went from episodic to non-stop. My book, "Forsaken," about Christian persecution in the Middle East came out January, 2016. NextWarNotes is a news and analysis blog designed to fill gaps, provide background and think about what’s next. The name of the site comes from a 1935 article by Ernest Hemingway in Esquire Magazine called “Notes on the Next War,” in which he predicted the coming conflagration in Europe, told why it would happen and warned Americans to stay out.

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