China, Russia and the Practice of Endless Oppression

Almost two years into China’s unprecedented crackdown on political life in Hong Kong, there would seem to be little room to tighten controls further.

The new norm includes suppression of political parties, jailing of pro-democracy activists, closures of dissident newspapers, loyalty oaths forced upon teachers, creation of special courts that put political dissent on trial, encouragement of vigilantism via “National Security Hotlines” to ferret out devious anti-China “foreign forces,” removal of pro-democracy literature from public libraries, and threats to pursue fugitive dissidents abroad to the ends of the Earth.

What else is left that’s needed to remold Hong Kong into a clone of subjugated metropolises on the Chinese mainland? Perhaps reminding Hongkongers that persecution is not a one-off event but can be carried on against anyone ad infinitum.

Daniel Williams

Published by Daniel Williams

I am a former correspondent who, for more than 30 years, did time in China, Southeast Asia, Central America, Mexico, the Middle East, Europe and Africa and covered wars that went from episodic to non-stop. My book, "Forsaken," about Christian persecution in the Middle East came out January, 2016. NextWarNotes is a news and analysis blog designed to fill gaps, provide background and think about what’s next. The name of the site comes from a 1935 article by Ernest Hemingway in Esquire Magazine called “Notes on the Next War,” in which he predicted the coming conflagration in Europe, told why it would happen and warned Americans to stay out.

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