Obama Pays Off Nobel IOU, Israel Freaks Out

Bethlehem(Link to article on Iranian pop star’s controversial take on deal) Shortly after Barack Obama was elected president, the Norwegian Nobel Prize committee in Oslo gave him the Peace Prize for just existing. More than six years later, he did the kind of thing that arguably would have merited such an award–he worked a deal with Iran that he says will stop it from developing an atom bomb.


Along with the opening to Cuba, he has kept to an old promise he made to resort to diplomacy to reduce tensions rather than go to war with enemies. Or at least change course.  He paid off the Nobel IOU. Never mind his failings to deter Russia form invading Ukraine and China from claiming all sorts of rocks in the China seas.

Across the separation wall here from the West Bank town of Bethlehem, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is pretty upset. He immediately took to the US airwaves to “respectfully disagree” with Obama over a deal he basically said meant the end of the world. The Nobel suicide prize.

Netanyahu campaigned against the negotiations and now he will campaign, with his Republican buddies and pro-Israel Democrats, to scuttle it. European countries ganged up on Israel for criticizing the complex agreement. Talk in Israel is about teaming up with Saudi Arabia, which faces off with Iran in proxy wars in Yemen, Iraq and Syria.

Certainly strange bedfellows, Israel and Saudi Arabia, since Saudi itself is a terror sponsor. Except the Saudis, as in its backing for the Nusra Front in Syria, often sticks to having other Muslims or Christians killed, so Israel doesn’t much care about that.

We’ll be hearing lots more from Netanyahu.

Here is Netanyahu on NBC carefully bashing Obama.

Israelis hits back at Brits and Germany for criticizing Israel’s criticism.

Opinion that Israel and Saudi Arabia ought to  go out on a date.

Iranian singer draws fire for take on nuclear program.

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