The Sunday Funnies: China Brings Dancing Geezers to Heel; In Arizona, Piranhas Banned from Pedicure Salons

Rome–First it was the ban on strippers at funerals. Now it’s a crackdown on thugs who think they can just dance anywhere they like because they are probably 80 years old. Is there anything fun that doesn’t rile the Communist Party of China except hacking Pentagon computers?

Out of Step

It seems that groups of old folks who sway to pop songs for exercise are upsetting the otherwise serene urban environment across China. The music is too loud. Their arms are flailing all over the place. Their false teeth are rattling.

So the Fitness Department of China’s General Administration of Sport is telling the hoofers where they can dance and also designating 12 officially authorized steps and music for all to use. Or else. Sort of like when during the Cultural Revolution, Chairman Mao and associates boiled Beijing opera down to eight “model operas,” thus eliminating all those pesky love stories, tales of feudal heroism and fables about acrobatic monkeys. Here’s the dance ban report in The Guardian.

Gills Just Want To Have Fun.

Speaking of bans, the US Supreme Court says it’s okay for Arizona to prohibit spas from using fish to give their customers a pedicure. Seems that a fish called the Garra rufa, aka the doctor fish, likes to feast on dead skin, thereby leaving your toes so nice that you want to suck on them. Or maybe not. By the way, the fish are imported from China, like everything else in the US. Here’s how the fish scales of justice came down.

Venezuelan President Maduro: It Takes Two To Mango.

In other news of unrest, a woman complained about some sort of housing problem and tossed a mango at Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro. He responded by giving her a new apartment. That set off massive Internet speculation of what she could have gotten if she sent a pineapple flying at him, according to Reuters. Is it just a coincidence that maduro means ripe in Spanish?

Fill’er Up.

And now for some good news. A guy has solved the world’s energy problems by making fuel out of eggs, or something.

And there’s something definitely rotten in Denmark. No photos with this one, blessedly.



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