London–Ever since the latest clash over claims to the al-Aqsa mosque complex in Jerusalem broke out last month, violence between Palestinians and Israelis has escalated. Now, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered solders to seal off Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem to curb the movement of Palestinians, whose weapon of choice these days is the knife, from attacking Israelis.

City of peace.

This month, eight Israelis have been killed and 32 Palestinians, mostly by police, some by vigilantes; what is most alarming to the Israeli government are the attacks inside 1948 Israel. Palestinians in eastern neighborhoods of the city must traverse roadblocks to move from one part of town to another. They are reminiscent of the kind of checkpoints established in the West Bank years ago and which have been replaced over the past 15 years by walls and permanent high security terminals.

The irony is that Netanyahu has long pledged that Jerusalem will never be shared with a Palestinian state because the city cannot be divided. It is now. And communal Jewish-Arab violence has broken out in other Israeli cities. This is the price of Netanyahu’s thinking that no movement on peace has no consequences. That Israel proper might end up looking like the West Bank seems not to have crossed his mind.

Palestinian leaders suffer from the same myopia. The West Bank, of course, has been chopped up into exclusive Israeli and Palestinian zones for years.  But that has not prompted the Palestinians to come up with any kind of detailed plan to end the conflict. The result has been frustration and radicalization among Palestinians who wouldn’t listen to Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas even if he was willing to call for an end to violence.

Anyhow, it’s ugly over there and will get uglier.

WSJ tells the tale.

Haaretz proclaims a new generation and a new intifada.

Rashid al-Khalidi, Palestinian intellectual, says Oslo Accords to blame along with the US.

Something I wrote about West Bank violence moving into ’48 Israel.





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